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1. Neymar: "They threw everything at me.There were baguettes, orange juice, coca cola... I could have had lunch. This is not football, it's not the way to go. It's like going to a restaurant and hitting the chef with a knife and fork."
2. Neymar aged 25 years has 138 yellow cards and 8 red cards in his career. Sergio Ramos aged 31 has 189 yellow cards and 23 red cards. At this pace, Neymar will match Ramos’ yellow card tally in around two and a half seasons.
3. Pelé turns 77 years old today, but when he was 17, in the 1958 WC, he scored the winning goal in the quarter-finals, a hat-trick in the semifinal and two goals in the final. The only player to win three World Cups.

4. Megan Rapinoe: 'Fifa doesn't care about women's football'. Pro players outraged as Fifa nominates a college player on the female player of the year shortlist.
5. Ranieri's Nantes unbeaten in 8 games (6 wins, 2 draws). Now 3rd only behind PSG and Monaco.
7. Zidane asked about …

Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference

Figures prove Conor McGregor landed more punches on Floyd Mayweather than Manny Pacquiao.
Mayweather's plan was to let McGregor punch himself out because of McGregor's known cardio issues. With all the power McGregor delivers with each punch, it was only a matter of rounds until McGregor began breathing heavy through the mouth. Of course McGregor is going to land a good amount, its the part of the strategy.
There's all sorts of possible explanations. Maybe Mayweather isn't at the top of his game compared to the other fight. It's been years since he retired before. Or maybe he was just not taking McGregor very seriously, allowing him to land a few because it wouldn't really do any damage but it encourages Connor to keep expending energy.

Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference

Either way, the fights were vastly different, so comparing the stats is fairly meaningless. After seeing that fight, would anyone really want to claim that McGregor was a better…

Can be a career ending injury - Calvin Stengs

Calvin Stengs lands on his own leg at a very bad angle. Goes over on his knee, bends at a nasty angle underneath him. Wouldn't be surprised if all four major knee ligaments are damaged, medial collateral (the inner ligament) is definitely broken.
Full blown knee dislocation after landing on it very awkwardly.

Too squeamish to watch, but that is a major blow to AZ Alkmaar. Calvin Stengs was their best player towards the end of last season, with many expecting this to be his season. And the extra sad thing is that he is that people were really exited about him and was considered one the new 'gems' for the upcoming season in the Eredivisie.
This can ruin his career if it's really bad.

Can be a career ending injury VIDEO - Calvin Stengs

Shades of Shaun Livingston...
Shaun Livingston, who is currently the backup point guard to Stephen Curry on the Golden State Warriors, sustained one of the most gruesome injuries anyone has ever witnessed in the NBA. On February 26, 2007 wh…

Arsenal vs Chelsea 1-1 Penalty 4-1 - Highlights

Arsenal looked much sharper and fitter in the midfield today, as they were able to overrun the midfield on multiple occasions. Chelsea just looked far too slow transitioning, need to build up their fitness to hit the ground running first game of the season, really missed Hazard. I was really impressed by Xhaka being positionally much more disciplined today, whilst showing for the ball from the defence, he was awful connecting the team together last season but did a much better job today. However, the worrying thing for Arsenal even though this is a glorified pre season game is their organisation defensively. They have a proneness to switch off at the back and fail to organise themselves, as seen for the Chelsea goal not one player organised the defence to push out, and not one person looked around them to pick up a man.

That was a fun watch. Anyone can miss a penalty so that doesn't worry me but Chelsea first half performance was scandalous. Chelsea need 2 or 3 new faces to provid…

Real Madrid vs Barcelona friendly highlights

Barcelona had 634 passes against Real Madrid (373 passes), with 90% pass accuracy.
Semedo is a rockstar, definitely should start over Vidal in Spanish Super Cup, Samper is looking badass he should be Busqi's backup, Denis is getting there, Arda should be sold, Roberto is a class, Alena is smooth but needs some improvements, Digne a beast defensively as usual, Masche is a WARRIOR, and the most beautiful thing not just in this match, but the whole tournament, Cilessen!
I know Madrid's youth are absolute quality, but Barca's youth look promising too. Hope Valverde gives them plenty of game time in the upcoming season.
Such a crazy feeling to just watch what probably is Neymar's last game,I remember seeing his first game for the Spanish Supercup and he scored,now watch the Barca with no MSN will be so weird.

Real Madrid
Real looking very very rusty, especially Bale...
I don't know if it's a confidence thing or if he's just being cautious in pre-season …

Nice vs Ajax Highlights, Champions League

Nice vs Ajax Highlights - Video Below
Nice 1-1 Ajax (Mario Balotelli min.32/ Donny van de Beek min.49)

Match of many different faces.Ajax was awful in the 1st half and mostly dominating the 2nd. That Van de Beek goal is absolutely vital.
Frenkie de Jong was also really impressive. Explosive 2nd half from Ajax. Nice should be happy with a draw. This match was better than most away matches that Ajax played, so that makes me happy. It seemed like they "clicked" which is very important under a new manager. I was pessimistic this morning about the match but luckily this has made me the opposite. Viergever, Kluivert and Youness were quite poor.

Fun game to watch! Nice to have some competitive European matches back on. Even first half then Ajax dominated the second, aside from the last 5 minutes where Nice could have won it. Considering Ajax is usually 10 times better during home games, this is looking good.

Nice vs Ajax Highlights, Champions League Video

Tour de France - Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski's photo

Muscular engagement involves a lot of blood flow to those muscles. The more blood flowing means the more the veins will dilate or bulge.
Also, I'm not claiming to know anything about competitive cycling and I don't mean to throw around baseless accusations but for what it's worth, steroids make you more vascular as well.

You could also mention Angiogenesis, which is the growth of new vascular tissue which is associated with exercise. So extreme cardio athletes like these guys most likely grow more veins and capillaries than a normal person. And you also need to keep bodyfat % in mind. The biggest factor that decides a person's vascularity is how low their body fat is, the less fat there is under the skin, the more veins will show through.

Not only do you have to ride side by side with 100 others for hours on end at 50km/h, while at a physical limit where one slip of concentration can bring everyone down, you have to climb the steepest mountains in the world, and…