Responsible gambling as a form of entertainment is not evil

A wife leaves her husband. He gets depressed and stops going to work. He loses his job. Then one day he drinks a bottle of whiskey, puts a gun to his head and ends it all. Who is to blame? The wife for leaving him? The boss for firing him? The liquor store salesperson for selling him the alcohol? The gun shop owner for selling him the gun? My point is that there has to come a point in time when we must take responsibility for our own actions. Responsible gambling as a form of entertainment is not evil. Drinking alcohol is not evil. Neither is owning a gun.

It's how people use these things that makes the actions of these people good or bad, responsible or irresponsible. A gambler who has a problem needs to seek help or self-exclude himself/herself from the gambling establishments. It's not realistic to expect all the online and offline casinos to close down because someone has a gambling problem. Or all the liquor stores to shut down because someone has a drinking problem.

Some people do have a gambling addiction. Just as some people have alcohol addiction, or smoke cigarettes, or crash cars, or buy a weapon with intent to harm. But my intent is to provide information about having a safe and entertaining online session at a reputable gambling site.

We live in a blame culture, where everything is always somebody elses fault. I preach personal responsibility at all times. We are all completely in control of our own actions.


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