Football and relationships

I visited my girlfriend last friday, when she went to the bathroom to shower, her phone rang and I picked it up and saw Leo Messi calling. I didn't answer.
After that moment another call came and it was Philippe Coutinho calling. I was a bit nervours but I remained calm. I said to myself does it mean this girl is a celebrity and I didn't know about it?

As if that was not enough, another call came in with the name saved Mikel Obi calling. Something struck my mind later and I realised she has intentionally saved the numbers according to the football players name in relation to how handsome her Boyfriends are, so I decided to dial my numbers too.

I dialed my first number and oh my God, guess what... I saw Mario BALOTELLI calling. Hmmm, I didn't talk and I dialed my 2nd number too and I started weeping profusely.
I fainted and was addmitted to hospital... Hmm me Ngolo Kante?


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