Put Em In A Coffin

Put Em In A Coffin

There are reasons you would wear pads in football but, not in rugby. For one in rugby you have to go for low tackles that's a basic reason why pads aren't required. Also football has a lot more momentum than rugby because, their are individual plays instead of how it works in rugby. If the man on the receiving end of that got hit in the face by a 200+ pound man he probably would be dead. Same with a lot of these hits. Only hit i wouldn't consider hard would be the suplex since it doesn't really hurt the person on the receiving end. Other than that their honestly is no reason to feel like your more tough for playing rugby or football. Sure in rugby you get a bloody face and all but, in football your more likely to get Acl or Mcl damage. Not really something to feel proud of either way.

PUT 'EM IN A COFFIN. (via @bleacherreport)

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