The Conor/Eddie incident at the press conference

The Conor/Eddie incident at the press conference

It was top notch entertainment and it's going to a top notch night of fights. Toddler? Embarrassing? Stupid? WWE? We aren't here to watch a grannies meeting, we're here to watch history and all you bitter jealous bums better get used to it. People always find something to complain about hahaha. Imagine watching this and having such a negative opinion on it, you feel you have to write on Youtube comments about your concerns. When I watched this, the hype train was full steam ahead for me. I didn't care about how it makes Conor look, I don't care about how professional or non-professional it is, it is entertainment gold and to top it off we're going to see them fight, what could anyone who isn't miserable honestly complain about!?


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