CONMEBOL has awarded Chapecoense the 2016 Copa Sudamericana title

CONMEBOL has awarded Chapecoense the 2016 Copa Sudamericana title and the prize money that comes with it. Atlético Nacional to win a special "Conmebol Centennial Fair Play Award" and 1 million dollars in recognition.
Now that's official, the football community looks forward to the 2017 Recopa Sudamericana (Conmebol's version of the European Super Cup), when Chapecoense and Atlético Nacional (who were also the Libertadores champions) will finally have the chance to play the game that never happened.

I hope Chape manages to rebuild itself enough to somewhat be competitive by then. Atlético Nacional has handled perfectly so far, but I'm pretty sure they'll go for the win once the Recopa comes around (and that would be normal).
If the game is to be broadcast everywhere, it would be kinda sad to see Chape getting utterly dominated for either 90 minutes or however long Atlético will decide to run circles around them before settling down and letting the clock run out...

In South America it's a little chaotic. The Copa Sudamericana is indeed our equivalent to the Europa League, but since both tournaments didn't occur simultaneously (this will change from 2017), some countries allowed a few teams to play in both competitions. Usually, the better teams in any league go to the Libertadores and the ones immediately below them play in the Sudamericana, just like in Europe - however, if a team with a place in the Libertadores also won a national cup, they would also earn the spot in the Sudamericana regardless (that's how Atlético Nacional qualified).

In 2017, both competitions will finally happen at the same time, so we won't see it happen again. The only teams to play in both will be the ones disqualified in the Libertadores' group stage.


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