Juventus introduced a new logo

Nobody is saying every new logo mark must have reference to history. But when it comes to football clubs history and tradition is a HUGE thing. Its what fans are passionate about, its what fans relate to. Will the audience buying the shirts with this crest be millennials only? I can't see that 40+ year old fan relating to this new mark. Just feels like in creating this new identity, the club has lost some of its identity.

The recent update to the Atletico Madrid crest is a great example of keeping a huge clubs history and tradition at the forefront.

Juventus unveiled a new logo on Monday, rolling out their updated crest with a huge event dubbed "Black and white and more" that was streamed on Facebook Live. Juve president Andrea Agnelli headlined the event, speaking at length about the Bianconeri's desire to push forward into the future: "To grow, we must continue to triumph on the field and evolve our approach off it to reach new heights."


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