FA Cup quarter-final draw

FA Cup quarter-final draw:

1. Chelsea v Manchester United
2. Middlesbrough v Huddersfield/Man City
3. Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall
4. Sutton/Arsenal v Lincoln City.

Sutton/Arsenal V Lincoln is a perfect draw. If Sutton beat Arsenal then a non league team is guaranteed a place at Wembley in the Semi final of the FA Cup which is crazy. I don't think they will beat Arsenal though, but if the more likely scenario happens then Lincoln have a game at Arsenal in the next round which is what they would have wanted. Crazy for Arsenal though, two non league teams in a row, especially at this stage of the competition.

Sutton United FC fans: Whatever the result tomorrow, I don't think there will be a disappointed Sutton fan if we lose. Sad yes, for the dream will have ended and reality will begin to set back in, but no disappointment, for both Sutton and Lincoln have made history this year, and I can only hope they continue to do so right up to May.
But if by some miracle Sutton win tomorrow, the town is going to descend into absolute pandemonium. We'd throw open the gates for Lincoln, knowing we've beaten them 3-1 away this season, knowing that it's a fucking big day out for either team.
And it's going to be awesome.


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