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Brazil vs Paraguay 3-0, Highlights and Goals

Neymar - His dribbles on the sideline are so amazing. He got lucky in the end, but still, amazing goal. What a player.
Following his dagger free kick against PSG and now he is lifting his national team as well. This guy might really be the most worthy successor for the Barcelona team.

Coutinho - Joga Bonito courtesy of Paulinho and Coutinho. One plays in one of the richest clubs in the world, a club with multiple national and continental trophies, coached by an internationally​ acclaimed manager. The other is Coutinho.

Marcelo - Welcome to Brasil, where every player on their team is a striker. 2 assists for Paulinho tonight. Him and Casemiro were superb in midfield. Marcelo is something else, one of the most gifted and skillful players I've ever seen.

Brazil vs Paraguay 3-0, Highlights and Goals

Serie A will get 4 automatic spots to the group stages of the UCL

Serie A will get 4 automatic spots to the group stages of the UEFA Champions League starting in 2018-19.
Half of the participants in the group stage will be from 4 nations. But just looking at this season and last season, that percent was already at 43.75% for this season and 46.875% for last season for those same four nations.

I think that the fairest thing was to let the 4th team do the playoff and not being in the Champions League directly...
4th place should never go directly into the group stage.
If leagues finish as it stands right now, Lazio would qualify directly and Porto would have to go to play offs to even get in. How does that seem fair in terms of team quality?
Also, how are countries suppose to overtake the top 4 now that they get 4 Champions League teams each year and that in on itself grants them many points?
If it was hard enough to overtake them as it is, it might just be impossible to do so when this comes into place.

I have seen people criticize this as a handout t…

News and stats from football

News and stats from football

1. Pep Guardiola has been eliminated outside of a semifinal for the first time in his career and Manchester City failed to attempt a single first-half shot in a Champions League game for the first time ever.
2. Leicester City are the only remaining English side in the 2016-2017 UEFA Champion's League.
3. Manchester City have now conceded as many Champions League goals as Arsenal this season (both 16).
4. Monaco’s form at home across all competitions this season: 75 goals scored, 21 wins, 2 draws, 1 defeat.

5. Rummenigge on Chelsea's €65M offer for Ribery: "The offer we had for Ribery in 2008 was almost unbelievable. The decision not to sell Ribery nevertheless was a milestone in the development of FC Bayern. That was the moment when FC Bayern got to be a ‘buying club’."
6. Romelu Lukaku on why he won't sign a new Everton contract - "I can be world class, but I need the right platform"
7. FC Lugano's president brought hi…

Barcelona become the first team in Champions League history to overturn a 4-0 first leg deficit

Barcelona become the first team in Champions League history to overturn a 4-0 first leg deficit in the knockout stages.
PSG only completed four passes after the 85th minute. Three of those were from the kick-off following Barcelona goals. Incredible stat.
PSG scored an away goal and STILL choked. Unreal. PSG choked so hard even after that away goal, Di Maria and Cavani both had super easy 1 v 1 chances that they absolutely bottled. I honestly think those 2 misses cost them the game. Another away goal would have ended the game.

Just watched a replay of Di Maria's chance, he took a very long time which gave the defender a chance, however Mascherano makes a foul on him. Should have been a pen, though at first I thought he just bottled it. Another thing for PSG fans to be angry about I guess.

This is why I don't think there's too much blame on Emery. I mean he can't put the ball in the net for his players, you have to expect they score one of those. Then the second goal is s…

A sumo wrestling match in Japan ended quickly

A sumo wrestling match in Japan ended quickly after one fighter landed a brutal forearm to the face of another.

If you really watched he didn't "strike" the other person. He did "push" him the other guy just ended up being a tad bit shorter and ran into his forearm. So in a way you are right and know enough because yah you CAN'T STRIKE WITH A CLOSED HAND in sumo, but he didn't strike just watch the video you clearly see him just "pushing"/charging into the other guy, the other guy just went for a lower grab/push and paid for it but there was no strike (even tho it is allowed with an OPEN HAND).

It's not just a thing of "pushing" and "pulling" tho it's more so a mixture of that but wrestling and judo as well. In sumo matches you will often see the pushing and trying to use each others weight against each other with pulls etc. But you also see grabs, slams and a lot of wrestling and judo going on as well. You can als…