A sumo wrestling match in Japan ended quickly

A sumo wrestling match in Japan ended quickly after one fighter landed a brutal forearm to the face of another.

If you really watched he didn't "strike" the other person. He did "push" him the other guy just ended up being a tad bit shorter and ran into his forearm. So in a way you are right and know enough because yah you CAN'T STRIKE WITH A CLOSED HAND in sumo, but he didn't strike just watch the video you clearly see him just "pushing"/charging into the other guy, the other guy just went for a lower grab/push and paid for it but there was no strike (even tho it is allowed with an OPEN HAND).

It's not just a thing of "pushing" and "pulling" tho it's more so a mixture of that but wrestling and judo as well. In sumo matches you will often see the pushing and trying to use each others weight against each other with pulls etc. But you also see grabs, slams and a lot of wrestling and judo going on as well. You can also strike the opponent but it can only be done so with an open hand if you watch a lot of Sumo videos you will see this, while obv trying to engage and push one another and grab each other for slams etc obv hands fly and often times someone will get "caught" with one of those flying arms BUT it's not illegal just as long as it's not a closed fist you can palm strike which is a common sumo tactic and often a way to engage the push.

It just may not seem as "technical" because they are bigger men doing such moves but all that stuff is implemented in sumo wrestling. Hence why wrestling is often used side by side with Sumo. You get points via slams, knockdowns (like in this video or as i explained if someone does get caught with an open palm and gets knocked out they could be deducted a point or if they can no longer continue then obv they get KOed) or ring outs.


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