Brazil vs Paraguay 3-0, Highlights and Goals

Neymar - His dribbles on the sideline are so amazing. He got lucky in the end, but still, amazing goal. What a player.
Following his dagger free kick against PSG and now he is lifting his national team as well. This guy might really be the most worthy successor for the Barcelona team.

Coutinho - Joga Bonito courtesy of Paulinho and Coutinho. One plays in one of the richest clubs in the world, a club with multiple national and continental trophies, coached by an internationally​ acclaimed manager. The other is Coutinho.

Marcelo - Welcome to Brasil, where every player on their team is a striker. 2 assists for Paulinho tonight. Him and Casemiro were superb in midfield. Marcelo is something else, one of the most gifted and skillful players I've ever seen.

Brazil vs Paraguay 3-0, Highlights and Goals


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