New tipsters on Twitter

As someone that has been with a lot of tipsters, nowadays I can tell you that professional platforms have a lot of crap, but there are genuine good tipsters if you know where to search.
What you have to know: something has happened to many tipsters, they are on the right side of variance for the first 200-300 picks and then they regress and their numbers get worse and after a couple of months they dissappear. That's why for the last half a year I only get guys that have more than 1000+ picks and a consistent record.

New tipsters on Twitter, paid or free

1.Twitter: @InplayMan

Sports - Football(Soccer)
Pre-Game/In-Play - Both

Picks tracked: 106
Hit rate: 64.2%
Return on investment: 2.8%
Net profit: 7.35 units

2.Twitter: @pinchbet

Sports - Football(Soccer)
Pre-Game/In-Game - Mostly In-Game, occasionally Pre-Game

Hit rate: 41%
Return on investment: 3,7%
Net profit: 3,85 units

3.Twitter: @tttinplay
Has great p/l record and can make obscene amounts of money due to high odds. He is consistent too.

4.Twitter: @SportsSuperior
He has few followers, NOT affiliate, bets only at odds of 1.8 or over. With a stacking plan, he's the only one which made me money.

5.Twitter: @seeley_nigel
A 'reputable' Twitter tipster though is Nigel Seeley. Does tips for The Sun and other sites. Well known and has a good strike rate.

Giving tips legitimately is difficult, I often find dealing with people is harder than finding bets to give out. People are incredibly personal when it comes to handing out their hard earned cash which, unfortunately, makes them bad at investing. Gambling is a different game than 10 or so years ago, back then profitable people wouldn't even give you the time of day nor any useful advice. The liquidity in the market is now so obscene that it doesn't matter. Unlike the magic circle, the magicians (of gambling) are free to give out free tips/advice.


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