Scotland 2-2 England, The most Scottish result of all time

The England way

1. Don't take opposition seriously in competitive match
2. Play 1 or more players out of position as an experiment
3. Look just about passable for an hour of the game
4. Concede 1-2 easily avoided goals and set yourself up to lose
5. Snatch a late draw that ends up feeling like a win
6. Continue doing this for a few years
7. Replace manager
Repeat steps 1-7
Optional: Win the occasional friendly against a normally good team who aren't taking it seriously to give fans false hope that we're not completely awful.

Scotland 2-2 England, The most Scottish result of all time

Alli, Rashford, Dier, Smalling and Livermore were all dreadful. Kane put in a pretty poor performance too, nothing seemed to click for him. Really should have already scored 2 goals by the time Scotland equalised. But he's 'saved us' and is the future of our country so I guess it's fine.
Walker was uncharacteristically bad for England today. Gave the ball away a lot.
Alli was utter rubbish, I have seen him multiple times in the Premier League, destroy much better defenses, like Chelsea's, week in, week out, so you can't say he is a bad player. But when he plays for England its like his brain isn't turned on. Stop trying clever passes and just keep it simple.


Why is Hart still our main keeper? He should have been cleared out right along with Rooney. I appreciate what he did for Manchester City but it's obvious he has gone down hill and is nowhere near good enough to play for the national team in a World Cup.
The funny thing is England have some very good keepers sitting on the bench.


We're going nowhere with Southgate in charge. He's still relatively new to the job, but I can't remember us putting in a performance that was anything beyond mediocre.Southgate is the safe pair of hands that won't offend anyone. After the last clown (and the owl before him) the FA needed a bland face that would get on with his job quietly and not rock the boat. We're good enough to get through the qualifiers relatively unscathed and probably through the group stages of the World Cup with or without Southgate. I really don't think they have any ambition to go further than that.

Some of these players have come from teams playing exceptional football. The likes of Spurs, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool have all shown this season some brilliant attacking football and we have plenty of players that represent some of the best teams in the PL right now. And yet, you put them in a Southgate side, playing in a predictable, boring formation and put some of them out of position and suddenly they're all back to playing insipid, uninspiring football.
If Southgate watched anything Hodgson did with this team, he's not showing it because it looks like he's learned nothing. If we carry on with this we're not going to get out of the bloody groups in Russia.


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