Arsenal vs Chelsea 1-1 Penalty 4-1 - Highlights

Arsenal looked much sharper and fitter in the midfield today, as they were able to overrun the midfield on multiple occasions. Chelsea just looked far too slow transitioning, need to build up their fitness to hit the ground running first game of the season, really missed Hazard. I was really impressed by Xhaka being positionally much more disciplined today, whilst showing for the ball from the defence, he was awful connecting the team together last season but did a much better job today. However, the worrying thing for Arsenal even though this is a glorified pre season game is their organisation defensively. They have a proneness to switch off at the back and fail to organise themselves, as seen for the Chelsea goal not one player organised the defence to push out, and not one person looked around them to pick up a man.

That was a fun watch. Anyone can miss a penalty so that doesn't worry me but Chelsea first half performance was scandalous. Chelsea need 2 or 3 new faces to provide serious competition to guys like Moses and Alonso. And Chelsea could try some fresh tactics especially during pre season to see what works and what doesn't. Well done Arsenal!

Arsenal vs Chelsea 1-1 Penalty 4-1 - Highlights Video


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