Can be a career ending injury - Calvin Stengs

Calvin Stengs lands on his own leg at a very bad angle. Goes over on his knee, bends at a nasty angle underneath him. Wouldn't be surprised if all four major knee ligaments are damaged, medial collateral (the inner ligament) is definitely broken.
Full blown knee dislocation after landing on it very awkwardly.

Too squeamish to watch, but that is a major blow to AZ Alkmaar. Calvin Stengs was their best player towards the end of last season, with many expecting this to be his season. And the extra sad thing is that he is that people were really exited about him and was considered one the new 'gems' for the upcoming season in the Eredivisie.
This can ruin his career if it's really bad.

Can be a career ending injury VIDEO - Calvin Stengs

Shades of Shaun Livingston...
Shaun Livingston, who is currently the backup point guard to Stephen Curry on the Golden State Warriors, sustained one of the most gruesome injuries anyone has ever witnessed in the NBA. On February 26, 2007 while playing for the LA Clippers against the Charlotte Bobcats, Livingston would go up for a lay up thinking he would earn two easy points for his team. He would come down not knowing that he dislocated his patella tendon and tearing 3 out of the 4 major ligaments in his knee.
Shaun tore his ACL, PCL and the meniscus, badly sprained his MCL and dislocated his patella and tibio-fibular joint. Nearly had to be amputated. Let's hope it's not the same.
At least he came back to have a great career. I would say winning two championships in NBA is pretty great.


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