Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference

Figures prove Conor McGregor landed more punches on Floyd Mayweather than Manny Pacquiao.
Mayweather's plan was to let McGregor punch himself out because of McGregor's known cardio issues. With all the power McGregor delivers with each punch, it was only a matter of rounds until McGregor began breathing heavy through the mouth. Of course McGregor is going to land a good amount, its the part of the strategy.
There's all sorts of possible explanations. Maybe Mayweather isn't at the top of his game compared to the other fight. It's been years since he retired before. Or maybe he was just not taking McGregor very seriously, allowing him to land a few because it wouldn't really do any damage but it encourages Connor to keep expending energy.

Mayweather vs. McGregor Post-Fight Press Conference

Either way, the fights were vastly different, so comparing the stats is fairly meaningless. After seeing that fight, would anyone really want to claim that McGregor was a better opponent than Pacquiao?
Seems silly when you look at the fights. There was never any trouble for Mayweather against McGregor, any doubt about who would win. Whereas I remember people being pretty upset and feeling that Manny got robbed of the victory at the time. The fact that Connor got more punches in than Manny doesn't appear to be a useful statistic in comparing how effective they were against Floyd.


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