Betting Strategies

Betting Strategies

Baseball betting strategy

Today I’ll show you a baseball betting strategy that is quite simple. I’ll present you a clear example of a game, in order to make it easy to understand this betting strategy.

We have an encounter between New York Yankees and Texas Rangers. New York Yankees victory has 1.75 to win and Texas Rangers 2.20.
I will bet €200. You can play of course other amounts of money, everything depends on how willing you are to spent; an advice is to play small amounts at the beginning, just to get used with the strategy.

I will play €100 on Texas Rangers wining at 2.20 and €100 with an asian handicap of -1.5 on New York Yankees at the odds of 2.50 (ie Yankees must win with 2 points difference in order to win the bet). If Texas wins we earn €20, and if the Yankees win with the -1.5 handicap we have a plus of €50. The only big problem arises when the New York Yankees win with exactly one difference and we lose all the money. There is no strategy that can guarantee the 100% gain, there will always be a risk factor; what is more important is the inspiration in choosing the matches and all is needed is to have a little luck from time to time. There is only one outcome that can spoil this strategy; I have used it successfully in the past for bonuses turnovers.

You can apply this strategy on PinnacleSports, Bet365 or Betfair. If you apply this strategy on baseball games you must bet at two different bookmakers, not the same bookmaker because you risk the account closure or to be limited to 5 euro per game.

I know that you want as many strategies as possible and I promise that I will present one strategy at least once a week. I hope it will be useful in the future for you, because for me was helpful overcome some bad betting days.

Betting System 1-3-2-6

If you bet only one match, 1-3-2-6 betting system can help in the long run, because = you don’t lose all the money and is likely to finish on addition.
It’s more like a money-betting management, to self-control, because you have to play by ear without a well-tuned system.
You must bet the minimum 2 Odds and it would be better to choose games with only 2 different final results, such as: tennis, volleyball, baseball, etc. or Asian Handicap football. Or under and over goals, like over 2.5 goals, over 3.5 goals, under 1.5 goals, etc.

At first bet the stake will be 1, the second stake 3, the third stake 2 and the last stake 6. The stake will be chosen accordingly to your budget and will be allocated by betting €100 or any other amount. For example, at first bet stake will be €100, the second bet €300, €200 in the third round and finaly €600.
If you lose any of these four steps you start over from step 1, ie bet 1.
In case you lose the first bet is a loss of 1 unit, which is not much. If the bet is lost at number two, is a loss of 2 units because the first unit made a profit.
Number 3 is not recording any loss, on the contrary you will have a profit of 2 units because in the first 2 bets were recorded 4 units of profit. If your 4th bet loses 4 units shall not be record any losses because you bet the profit previously earned.
Good money management is that long term helps you not end up broke because of gambling.


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